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Kist, R., Watson, M., Wang, X., Cairns, P., Miles, C., Reid, D.J. and Peters, H. (2005). Reduction of Pax9 gene dosage in an allelic series of mouse mutants causes hypodontia and oligodontia Hum..
Mol. Genet. 14: 3605-3617.

Wang, X., Harris, R.E., Bayston, L.J. and Ashe, H.L. (2008).
Type IV collagens regulate BMP signalling in Drosophila.
Nature 455: 72-77.

McKenzie, J.A.G., Fruttiger, M., Abraham, S., Lange, C., Stone, J., Ghandi, P., Wang, X., Bainbridge, J., Moss, S.E. and Greenwood, J. (2012).
Apelin is required for non-neovascular remodelling in the retina.
Am. J. Pathol. 180: 399-409.

Wang, X., Abrahams, S., McKenzie, J.A.G. Jeffs, N., Lange, C.A.K., Bainbridge, J., Moss, S.E. and Greenwood, J. (2013).
Lrg1 promotes angiogenesis by modulating endothelial TGFß signalling.
Nature (2013) Jul 18;499(7458):306-11


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