Yue WANG   
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Major Discoveries In The Lab

  • Discovery of the Cdc42 GAP Rga2 as a direct substrate of CDK/Hgc1. Upon hyphal induction CDK/Hgc1 phosphorylates Rga2 and prevents this negative regulator of polarized growth from localizing to hyphal tips. This finding establishs a direct link between CDK and the central polarity regulator of the cell.
    Published in EMBO J 26:3760-3769 (2007)

  • Identification of the septin Cdc11 as a regulatory target of two G1-cyclin/CDKs important for both yeast bud morphogenesis and hyphal morphogenesis. This study establishes a direct molecular link between CDK and the septin cytoskeleton.
    Published in Dev Cell 13:421 (2007)

  • Identification of a key regulator of hyphal development, Hgc1. This study reveals the first and so far the only hypha-specific gene required for hyphal development.
    Published in EMBO J. 23:1845-1855 (2004)

  • Discovery of a high-affinity iron permease, Ftr1, essential for Candida albicans virulence. The permease is activated in iron-limiting conditions both in vitro and in the tissues of the host, allowing the pathogen to acquire the growth-essential nutrient iron.
    Published in Science 288:1062-1064 (2000)