Scientific Programmes
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  Cancer Cell Signalling  
  Vinay TERGAONKAR (Programme Coordinator)   Huili GUO  
  NFκB Signaling in Human Ailments   RNA Biology  
  Philipp KALDIS   Edward MANSER  
  Cell Division and Cancer Research   Small G-protein Signalling and Kinases  
  Huilin SHAO   Haiwei SONG  
  Multiscale Molecular Diagnostics   Medical Structural Biology  
  Bin Tean TEH   Qi ZENG  
  Chromatin Therapeutics   PRL-3 Phosphatase & Cancer Therapy  
  Epigenetics and Diseases  
  Ernesto GUCCIONE (Programme Coordinator)   William F. BURKHOLDER / Stephen QUAKE / Yin Thai CHAN  
  Methyltransferases in Development and Disease   Microfluidics Systems Biology  
  Chengqi LIN   Daniel M MESSERSCHMIDT  
  Transcriptional Control in Development and Disease   Developmental Epigenetics & Disease  
  Wee-Wei TEE   Byrappa VENKATESH/ Sydney BRENNER  
  Chromatin Dynamics & Disease Epigenetics   Comparative and Medical Genomics  
  Multi-Modal Molecular (M3) Biology  
  Frederic BARD (Programme Coordinator)   Sherry AW  
  Regulation of Membrane Traffic   Drosophila Models of Neurodegenerative Disease  
  Translational Neurogenetics   Translational Immunology  
  Wanjin HONG   Walter HUNZIKER  
  Protein Trafficking and Cancer Cell Biology   Epithelial Cell Polarity  
  Nicolas PLACHTA   Robert ROBINSON  
  Imaging Complex Biological Systems   Structural Bases of Pathogenicity and Disease  
  Sudipto ROY   Uttam SURANA  
  Genes, Development and Disease   Regulation of the Cell Division Cycle  
  Yue WANG      
  Candida albicans Biology      
  Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine and Ageing  
  Jonathan Yuin-Han LOH (Programme Coordinator)   Christine CHEUNG  
  Epigenetics and Cell Fates   Vascular and Stem Cell Systems  
  Shi Yan NG   Adrian Kee Keong TEO  
  Neurotherapeutics   Stem Cells and Diabetes  
  Boon Seng SOH      
  Disease Modeling and Therapeutics      
  Technology and Translation  
  John E CONNOLLY (Programme Coordinator)   Jayantha GUNARATNE  
  Translational Immunology   Translational Biomedical Proteomics  
  Qingfeng CHEN   William F. BURKHOLDER / Stephen QUAKE / Yin Thai CHAN  
  Humanized Mouse Unit   Microfluidics Systems Biology  
  Hyungwon CHOI   Andrea PAVESI  
  Computational and Statistical Systems Biology   3D tumour microenvironment in vitro models Lab  
  Boon Seng SOH   Huilin SHAO  
  Disease Modeling and Therapeutics   Multiscale Molecular Diagnostics
  Vinay TERGAONKAR      
  Mouse Models for Human Cancer Unit