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Sherry Shiying Aw*, Isaac Kok Hwee Lim, Melissa Xue Mei Tang, Stephen Michael Cohen*. (2017) ,
A glio-protective role of mir-263a by tuning sensitivity to glutamate.
Cell Reports,
19(9): 1783–93  
*Corresponding authors 22(8):1218-20

Aw, S.*, Tang, XM., Teo, YN*, Cohen, SM., (2016)
A conformation-induced fluorescence method for microRNA detection”.
Nucleic Acids Research
(March 6 2016) doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw108
*Corresponding authors.

Koe CT, Li S, Rossi F, Wong JJ, Wang Y, Zhang Z, Chen K, Aw SS, Richardson HE, Robson P, Sung WK, Yu F, Gonzalez C, Wang H. (2014)
The Brm-HDAC3-Erm repressor complex suppresses dedifferentiation in Drosophila type II neuroblast lineages
2014 Mar 11;3:e01906. doi: 10.7554/eLife.01906.

Li S, Wang C, Sandanaraj E, Aw SS, Koe CT, Wong JJ, Yu F, Ang BT, Tang C, Wang H. (2014)
The SCFSlimb E3 ligase complex regulates asymmetric division to inhibit neuroblast overgrowth.
EMBO Rep. 15(2):165-74

Sherry Aw and Stephen Cohen (2012)
Time is of the essence: microRNAs and age-associated neurodegeneration.
Cell Research

Pai, V.*, Aw, S.*, Shomrat, T., Lemire, J., Levin, M. (2012)
Transmembrane Voltage Potential Controls Embryonic Eye Patterning in Xenopus laevis.
*Equal contribution

Aw, S., Koster, J., Pearson, W., Nichols, C. Shi, N.Q., Carneiro de Paula, K. and Levin, M. (2010)
The ATP-sensitive K(+)-channel (K(ATP)) controls early left-right patterning in Xenopus and chick embryos.

Developmental Biology, 1;346(1):39-53

Aw S. and Levin M, (2009)
Molecular mechanisms establishing consistent left–right asymmetry during vertebrate embryogenesis.

The Sinister Right Hemisphere: Cerebral lateralization and its possible role in psychosis, ed. Iris E. C. Sommer and René S. Khan. Published by Cambridge University Press

Sherry Aw and Michael Levin (2009)
Is left-right asymmetry a form of planar cell polarity?
, 136:355-366

Sherry Aw and Michael Levin (2008), What’s Left in Asymmetry?
Developmental Dynamics, 237: 3453-3463

Aw, S., Adams, D. S., Qiu, D., and Levin, M., (2008),
H,K-ATPase protein localization and Kir4.1 function reveal concordance of 3 axes during early determination of left-right asymmetry.

Mechanisms of Development
, 125: 353-372


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