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Min Thura, Abdul Qader Omer Al-Aidaroos, Wei Peng Yong ,Koji Kono, Abhishek Gupta, You Bin Lin, Kousaku Mimura, Jean Paul Thiery, Boon Cher Goh, Patrick Tan, Ross Soo, Cheng William Hong, Lingzhi Wang, Suling Joyce Lin, Elya Chen, Sun Young Rha, Hyun Cheol Chung, Jie Li, Sayantani Nandi, Hiu Fung Yuen, Shu-Dong Zhang, Yeoh Khay Guan, Jimmy So and Qi Zeng
JCI Insight1(9):e87607. doi:10.1172/jci.insight.87607

H Wang, B Liu, AQO Al-Aidaroos, H Shi, L Li, K Guo, J Li, BCP Tan, JM Loo, JP Tang, M Thura and Q Zeng (2016)
Dual-faced SH3BGRL: oncogenic in mice, tumor suppressive in humans
Oncogene 35, 3303-3313

Zu Ye, Abdul Qader Omer Al-aidaroos, Jung Eun Park, Hiu Fung Yuen, Shu Dong Zhang, Abhishek Gupta, Youbin Lin, Han-Ming Shen and Qi Zeng (2015)
Scientific Reports, 5:17046 | DOI: 10.1038/srep17046

Yu-Han Huang*, Abdul Qader O Al-aidaroos*, Hiu-Fung Yuen*, Shu-Dong Zhang, Han-Ming Shen, Ewelina Rozycka,Cian M McCrudden, Vinay Tergaonkar, Abhishek Gupta, You Bin Lin, Jean Paul Thiery, James T Murray, and Qi Zeng (2014)
A role of autophagy in PTP4A3-driven cancer progression.
Autophagy 10:10
*equal first authors

Park, J.E., Yuen, H.F., Zhou, J.B., Al-aidaroos, A.Q., Guo, K., Valk, P.J., Zhang, S.D., Chng, W.J.,  Hong, C.W., Mills, K., and Zeng, Q. (2013)
An oncogenic role of PRL-3 in FLT3-ITD Induced Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
EMBO Mol Med

Al-aidaroos, A.Q., Yuen, H.F., Guo, K., Zhang, S.D., Chung, T.H., Chng, W.J., and Zeng, Q. (2013)
PRL-3 induces EGFR activation and addiction in human cancer cells.
Journal of Clinical Investigation

Liu, H., Al-aidaroos, A.Q., Wang, H., Guo, K., Li, J., Zhang, H.F., and Zeng, Q. (2013)
PRL-3 suppresses c-Fos and integrin α2 expression in ovarian cancer cells.
BMC Cancer

Xu, S., Guo, K., Zeng, Q., Huo, J., and Lam, K.P. (2012)
The RNase III enzyme Dicer is essential for germinal center B-cell formation.

Guo, K.*, Tang, J.P.*, Jie, L.*, Al-Aidaroos, A.Q., Hong, C.W., Tan, C.P., Park, J.E., Varghese, L., Feng, Z., Zhou, J., Chng, W.J., and Zeng, Q. (2012)
First Chimeric Antibody in Targeting Intracellular Oncoprotein for Cancer Therapy in Mice.
* equal first authors

Guo, K.*, Li, J.*, Tang, J.P.*, Tan, C.P., Hong, C.W., Al-Aidaroos, A.Q., Varghese, L., Huang, C., Zeng, Q. (2011) Targeting Intracellular Oncoproteins with Antibody Therapy or Vaccination.
Science Translational Medicine
3(99):99ra85. (Proposed the new concept of unconventional Immunotherapies to target intracellular oncoproteins)
* equal first authors

Jiang, Y., Liu, X., Rajput, A., Geng, L., Ongchin, M., Zeng,Q., Taylor, G.S., and Wang J. (2011)
Phosphatase PRL-3 is a Direct Regulatory Target of TGFβ in Colon Cancer Metastasis.
Cancer Research 71:234-44.

Zhou J, B.C., Chng, W.J., Cheong, L.L., Liu, S.C., Mahara, S., Tay, K.G., Zeng, Q., Li, J., Guo, K., Tan, C.P., Yu, H., Albert, D.H., and Chen, C.S. (2011)
PRL-3, a metastasis associated tyrosine phosphatase, is involved in FLT3-ITD signaling and implicated in anti-AML therapy.
PLoS One.
Wang, H., Vardy, L., Tan, C.P., Loo, J.M., Guo, K., Li, J., Lim, S.G., Zhou, J., Chng, W.J., Ng, S.B., Li, H.X., and Zeng, Q. (2010)
PCBP1 Suppresses the Translation of Metastasis-Associated PRL-3 Phosphatase.
Cancer Cell

Tang, J.P.*, Tan, C.P.*, Li, J.*, Siddique, M.M., Guo, K., Chan, S.W., Park, J.E., Tay, W.N., Huang, Z.Y., Li, W.C., Chen, J., and Zeng, Q. (2010)
VHZ is a novel centrosomal phosphatase associated with cell growth and human primary cancers.
Molecule Cancer
* equal first authors

Guo, K.*, Li, J.*, Tang, J.P.*, Tan, C.P., Wang, H., and Zeng, Q. (2008)
Monoclonal antibodies target intracellular PRL phosphatases to inhibit cancer metastases in mice.
Cancer Biology & Therapy
* equal first authors

Basak, S., Jacobs, S.B., Krieg, A.J., Pathak, N., Zeng, Q., Kaldis, P., Giaccia, A.J., Attardi, L.D.  (2008)
The metastasis-associated gene Prl-3 is a p53 target involved in cell cycle regulation.
Molecular Cell

Wang, H.H., Quah, S.Y., Dong, J.M.,Manser, E., Tang, J.P. and Zeng, Q. (2007)
PRL-3 downregulates PTEN expression and signals through PI3K to promote Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition.
Cancer Research 67:2922-2926.

Guo, K., Li, J., Wang, H.H., Osato, M., Tang, J.P., Quah, SY., Gan, B.Q., and Zeng Q. (2006)
PRL-3 initiates tumor angiogenesis by recruiting endothelial cells in vitro and in vivo.
Cancer Research

Wang, Y., Foo, L.Y., Guo, K., Gan, B.Q., Zeng, Q., Hong, W., and Tang, B.L. (2005)
Syntaxin 9 is enriched in skin hair follicle epithelium and interacts with the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor.
Wang, X.Y., Kua, H.Y., Guo, K., Zeng, Q., Wu, Q., Ng, H.H., Karsenty, G., Crombrugghe, B., Yeh, J., and Li B.J. (2005)
P53 functions as a negative regulator of osteoblastogenesis, osteoblast-dependent osteoclastogenesis and bone remodeling.
J. Cell Biol. 172:115-125.

Li, J., Guo, K., Koh, V.W.C., Tang, J.P., Gan, B.Q. Shi, H., Li, H.X. and Zeng, Q. (2005)
Generation of PRL-3 and PRL-1 specific monoclonal antibodies as potential diagnostic markers for cancer metastases.
Clinical Cancer Research
11:2195-2204 (Cover). 

Guo, K.*, Li, J.*, Tang, J.P.*, Koh, V., Gan, B.Q., and Zeng, Q. (2004)
Catalytic Domain of PRL-3 Plays an Essential Role in Tumor Metastasis; Formation of PRL-3 tumors inside the blood vessels.
Cancer Biology & Therapy 3:945-951 (Cover with commentary).
* equal first authors

Koh, V., Fu, J.L., Guo, K., Lip, K.M., Li, J., and Zeng, Q. (2003)
PRL-3 as a target for cancer therapy
Gene Ther. Mol. Biol.

*Zeng, Q., Dong, J.M., Guo, K., Li, J., Tan, H.X., Koh, V., Pallen, C.J., Manser, E., and Hong, W. (2003)
PRL-3 and PRL-1 promote cell migration, invasion, and metastasis.
Cancer Research
63:2716-2722 (*Correspondence).

Si, X., Zeng, Q., Ng, C.H., Hong, W., and Pallen, C.J. (2001)
Interaction of Farnesylated PRL-2, a protein Tyrosine Phosphatase, with the Beta Subunit of Geranylgeranyltransferase II.
J. Biol. Chem. 276:32875-32882.

Zeng, Q., Si, X., Horstmann, H., Xu, Y., Tan, Y.H., Hong, W. and Pallen, C.J. (2000)
Prenylation-dependent Association of Protein-tyrosine Phosphatases PRL-1, -2, and -3 with the Plasma Membrane and the Early Endosome.
J. Biol. Chem. 274:21444-21452.

Zeng, Q., Hong, W., and Tan, Y.H. (1998)
Mouse PRL-2 and PRL-3, two potentially prenylated protein tyrosine phosphatases homologous to PRL-1.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 244:421-7. (Identified PRL-3 for the first time)

Invited reviews:

Hong, C.W. and Zeng Q. (2013)
Targeting Intracellular Oncoproteins with Immunotherapy.
FEBS Lett, Invited review

Hong, C.W. and Zeng Q. (2012)
Awaiting a New Era of Cancer Immunotherapy.
Cancer Research
72: 3715-19.

Al-Aidaroos, A.Q., and Zeng, Q. (2010)
PRL-3 phosphatase and human cancers.
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
111:1087-98 (Highlighted as Cover).

Zeng, Q., and Hong, W. (2008)
The emerging role of the Hippo pathway in cell contact inhibition, organ size control and cancer development in mammals (mini-review).
Cancer Cell

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