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  1. Sandhu et al.,
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    J. Vis. Exp. 2012. Link.

  6. Fullwood, M.J., Lee, J., Lin, L., Li, G., Huss, M., Ng, P., Sung, W-K., and Shenolikar, S.,
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  8. Li, G., Fullwood, M.J., Han X., et al.
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  9. Fullwood, M.J., et al.
    The Oestrogen Receptor α-mediated Human Chromatin Interactome,
    Nature. 2009. PDF. Supplement.

  10. Fullwood, M.J., Wei, C.L., Liu, E. T. and Ruan, Y.
    Ultra-High-Throughtput Sequencing of Paired-End Tags (PET) for Transcriptome and Genome Analyses,
    Genome Res
    . 2009. PDF.

  11. Fullwood, M.J. and Ruan, Y. ChIP-based Methods for the Identification of Long-Range Chromatin Interactions,
    Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
    2009. PDF.

  12. Fullwood, M.J.; Tan J. J.; et al.
    The Use of Multiple Displacement Amplification to Amplify Complex DNA Libraries,
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  13. Ng, P., Tan; J.J.; Ooi H.S.; Lee Y. L.; Chiu K. P.; Fullwood M.J., et al.
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    Nucleic Acids Res. 2006. PDF.
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