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Crasta K., Ganem N.J., Dagher R., Lantermann A.B., Ivanova E.V., Pan Y., Nezi L., Protopopov A., Chowdhury D., and Pellman D. (2012)
DNA breaks and chromosome pulverization from errors in mitosis.
Nature 482, 53-58.

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Consorting kinases, end of destruction and birth of a spindle.
Cell Cycle 7, 2960-2966.

Crasta K., Lim H.H., Giddings T.H. Jr, Winey M., and Surana U. (2008)
Inactivation of Cdh1 by synergistic action of Cdk1 and polo kinase is necessary for proper assembly of the mitotic spindle.
Nat Cell Biol 10, 665-675.

Crasta K., and Surana U. (2006)
Disjunction of conjoined twins: Cdk1, Cdh1 and separation of centrosomes.
Cell Div 1, 12.

Crasta K., Huang P., Morgan G., Winey M., and Surana U. (2006)
Cdk1 regulates centrosome separation by restraining proteolysis of microtubule-associated proteins.
EMBO J 25, 2551-2563.

Krishnan V., Nirantar S., Crasta K., Cheng A.Y., and Surana U. (2004) 
DNA replication checkpoint prevents precocious chromosome segregation by regulating spindle behaviour.
Mol Cell 16, 687-700.

Crasta K.C., Chua K.L., Subramaniam S., Frey J., Loh H., and Tan H.M. (2002)
Identification and characterization of CAMP cohemolysin as a potential virulence factor of Riemerella anatipestifer.
J Bacteriol 184, 1932-9.


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