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Two Research Engineers/Officers (M.E. or M.Sc.)

Date available: 1 May 2018

Date posted: 2 February 2018

Two Research Engineers/Officers (M.E. or M.Sc.) position is available on May 01, 2018 at the Computational Bioimage Analysis (CBA) Unit of Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), A*STAR, Singapore.

Novel imaging analysis methods are making it feasible to extract quantitative information from digital images. There are two closely related topics: Computational Bioimage Analysis and Quantitative Imaging Informatics. The former refers to the automatic analysis of acquired biological images (2D, 3D or 4D) using computational solutions and the extraction of different features; the latter relates to processing the features and extracting quantitative information, which will be essential to understanding the biological/medical phenomena and building traceable classification/prediction models. New knowledge, skills, and approaches are urgently required to develop novel, efficient and reliable computational tools for emerging challenges in biological studies. The general question is how to provide timely and suitable solutions for the images/videos acquired in different scientific and industrial applications. Our CBA Unit is dedicated to the development of new solutions in this field. Currently, we are expanding our team and seeking enthusiastic young researchers to join us!

For a research overview of our unit, please refer to

General requirements:

  • Self-motivated scientist/Ph. D graduate to pursue a scientific career. Independent and passionate about biological image processing projects
  • Good team player. Able to undertake independent research projects under the direction of the PI together with other lab members
  • Hold a Master degree in a relevant field of computer vision, image processing or machine vision
  • Good general knowledge and concept of science and engineering
  • Excellent scientific/technical writing skills and communication capability
  • Prior experience in working with image analysis projects (Industrial or academic)

Specific requirements:

  • Excellent experience, knowledge, and skills in one or two following programming languages, i.e., Matlab, C/C++, Java or Python
  • Excellent knowledge and skills in digital image processing
  • Hands-on skills for numerical computational algorithms
  • Rigid and logical thinking of scientific problems
  • General understanding of machine learning, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence is a plus, but not compulsory
  • Basic knowledge of cell biology or pathology is a value-add
  • Present research achievements at internal/external seminars and conferences

Please email a detailed CV containing a list of publications
to Dr. Weimiao YU,

We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

Research Officer (Life Sciences)

Date available: immediately

Date posted: 17 May 2017

About the lab

Mechanisms Underlying Behavior laboratory is directed by Assistant Professor Ajay S Mathuru. The lab is located at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Biopolis (Proteos building). The main focus of the lab is to understand how brains operate to generate behavior, using methods of genetic manipulation, behavioral assays and neurophysiological observations. Vertebrates with smaller brains where genetic engineering can be applied with relative ease offer an unusual opportunity to uncover fundamental principles governing emergent behavior. With this as our guiding principle, we use a small, translucent, aquarium friendly zebrafish for our studies.

Job Description:

You will not only be in the thick of things by contributing to several existing projects, but you will also be running experiments independently when you are up-to-speed and have completed appropriate training. Apart from the standard requirements for such positions, such as

  •  Conduct scientific sourcing and procurement;
  • Maintain existing fish stocks and creating new transgenic lines using CRISPR/Cas-9 related techniques.
  • Perform routine molecular biology experiments such as cloning, DNA/RNA/Proteinanalysis, etc.;
  •  Perform neuroscience studies of animal behavioral
  •  Assist in developing new behavior assays or performing computation analysis as required during the progress of project;
  •  Other related biology experiments including microscopy and imaging;
  •  Primary responsibility for the safety and housekeeping of the laboratory;
  •  Assist in writing safety protocols and procuring approvals for experiments;
  •  Performing any other duties to ensure the efficient work running of the lab;
  • Train and teach laboratory practices to undergraduates and new entrants;

You will also have a unique opportunity to go beyond and

  • Train to become a first rate research scientist with a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge;
  • Learn and implement cutting-edge techniques in molecular biology and neuroscience;
  • And contribute to the exciting, reemerging field of neuroethology.

Job Requirements:

We invite applications from exceptional candidates with a deep interest in neuroscience for the position of research assistant.
The prospective candidate must ideally

  • be highly motivated and have a deep interest in neuroscience and animal behavior;
  • have excellent analytical, technical and problem solving skills;
  • be able to communicate well and have strong organizational skills;
  • hold a Diploma or a Bachelor’s, or a Master’s degree in Life Sciences or Psychology; candidates with an honors degree in other disciplines (Science, Engineering, BioEngineering, etc.) with an interest in neurobiology are also welcome to apply;
  • have some prior experience working in a biology lab;

Special consideration will be given to candidates who

  • have had prior experience with zebrafish husbandry;
  • OR are experienced in performing behavioural studies;
  • OR have performed gene expression analysis;
  • OR have received training in microscopy/live imaging/2-P microscopy/optogenetics;
  • OR have experience in programming, data/statistical analysis using MATLAB or Python or R.

You will also have a unique opportunity to go beyond and

  •  Train to become a first rate research scientist with a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge;
  •  Learn and implement cutting-edge techniques in molecular biology and neuroscience;
  •  And contribute to the exciting, reemerging field of neuroethology.

Application instructions:

  • This position will also have the benefit of being a staff member of a stimulating and newly established Yale-NUS college and operate at the biology research hub of Singapore in Biopolis, at The Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB). So, if you are excited about neuroscience research, interested in an academic career, and want to be in a young, new laboratory, please send in a
  • CV
  • Short paragraph (less 200 words) describing a recent neuroscience story that caught your attention
  • Contact details of at least 1 referee


  • Position is available immediately for 2 years with the possibility of renewal. Salary package will be commensurate with relevant experience.
  • This position is also advertised on JobsBank:
  • You understand that by sharing your personal data with Yale-NUS College, you authorise its use for the purposes of this application.
  • If you have any queries, please email

We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be notified.