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Andiappan AK, Puan KJ, Lee B, Nardin A, Poidinger M, Connolly J, Chew F, Wang DY, Rotzschke O.
Allergic airway diseases in a tropical urban environment are driven by dominant mono-specific sensitization against house dust mites.
In Press.  Allergy 2013

Chan KR, Ong EZ, Tan HC, Zhang SL, Zhang Q, Tang KF, Kaliaperumal N, Lim A, Hibberd ML, Chang SH, Connolly JE, Lok SM, Hanson BJ, Lina C, and Ooi EE. 
Leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor B1 is critical for antibody-dependent dengue.
In Press. PNAS 2013

Chia WK, Teo M, Wang WW, Lee B, Ang SF, Tai WM, Chee CL, Ng J, Kan R, Lim D, Tan SH, Ong WS, Cheung YB, Tan EH, Connolly JE, Gottschalk S, and Han-Chong Toh. 
Adoptive T-cell transfer and chemotherapy in the first-line treatment of metastatic and/or locally recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. 
Molecular Therapy; 2013.242 Oct.

Skibinski D, Hanson B, Lin Y, von Messling V, Jegerlehner A, Sern Tee JB, Chye DH, Wong S, Ng A, Lee HY, Au B, Lee B, Poidinger M, Santoso L, Fairhurst A-M, Matter A, Bachmann M, Saudan P, Connolly JE. 
Enhanced neutralizing antibody titers and Th1 polarization from a novel Escherichia coli derived pandemic influenza vaccine
PLOSOne. November, 8; 10, 2013

Iyer JV, Connolly J, Yeo TK, Agrawal R, Lee B, Au B, Teoh SC.
Cytokine Analysis of Aqueous Humor in HIV Patients with Cytomegalovirus Retinitis. 
2013 Sept. 64; (2) 541-547

Edupuganti S, Eidex RB, Keyserling H, Akondy RS, Lanciotti R, Orenstein W, del Rio C, Pan Y, Querec T, Lipman H, Barrett A, Ahmed R, Teuwen D, Cetron M, Pulendran B, Caliendo A, Miller J, Easley K, Garg S, Lawson B, Frew PM, Skvarich J, Lalor S, Kirkendoll K, Furlow Z, Hotic M, Dennis R, Daugherty A, Bower M, Nesheim W, Nijem S, Anderson P, Hilinski J, Coote H, Osinski E, Connolly, J., and Mulligan MJ. 
A randomized, double-blind, controlled trial of the 17D yellow fever virus vaccine given in combination with immune globulin or placebo: comparative viremia and immunogenicity.
Am J Trop Med Hyg
  2013  88(1) 172-7.

Manuel SL, Sehgal M, Connolly J, Makedonas G, Khan ZK, Gardner J, Betts MR, Jain P.
Lack of Recall Response to Tax in ATL and HAM/TSP Patients But Not in Asymptomatic Carriers of Human T-cell Leukemia Virus Type 1.
J Clin Immunol. 2013 Jul 26. [Epub ahead of print]

Chang YH, Connolly J, Shimasaki N, Mimura K, Kono K, Campana D.
A Chimeric Receptor with NKG2D Specificity Enhances Natural Killer Cell Activation and Killing of Tumor Cells. Cancer Res.2013 Mar 15;73(6):1777-86.


Hwang SH, Lee H, Yamamoto M, Jones LA, Dayalan J, Hopkins R, Zhou XJ, Yarovinsky F, Connolly JE, Curotto de Lafaille MA, Wakeland EK, Fairhurst AM.
B Cell TLR7 Expression Drives Anti-RNA Autoantibody Production and Exacerbates Disease in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus-Prone Mice.
J Immunol. 2012 Dec 15;189(12):5786-96.

Ng AA, Lee BT, Teo TS, Poidinger M, Connolly JE.
Optimal cellular preservation for high dimensional flow cytometric analysis of multicentre trials.
J Immunol Methods. 2012 Nov 30;385(1-2):79-89.

Watanabe S, Rathore AP, Sung C, Lu F, Khoo YM, Connolly J, Low J, Ooi EE, Lee HS, Vasudevan SG. Dose- and schedule-dependent protective efficacy of celgosivir in a lethal mouse model for dengue virus infection informs dosing regimen for a proof of concept clinical trial.
Antiviral Res.
2012 Oct;96(1):32-5.

Haniffa M, Shin A, Bigley V, McGovern N, Teo P, See P, Wasan PS, Wang XN, Malinarich F, Malleret B, Larbi A, Tan P, Zhao H, Poidinger M, Pagan S, Cookson S, Dickinson R, Dimmick I, Jarrett RF, Renia L, Tam J, Song C, Connolly J, Chan JK, Gehring A, Bertoletti A, Collin M, Ginhoux F.
Human Tissues Contain CD141(hi) Cross-Presenting Dendritic Cells with Functional Homology to Mouse CD103(+) Nonlymphoid Dendritic Cells.
Immunity. 2012 Jul 27;37(1):60-73.

Hopkins RA, Connolly JE.
The specialized roles of immature and mature dendritic cells in antigen cross-presentation.
Immunol Res. 2012 Sep;53(1-3):91-107.


Hernández JG, Sundén F, Connolly J, Svanborg C, Wullt B.
Genetic control of the variable innate immune response to asymptomatic bacteriuria.
PLoS One.

Rahman S, Connolly JE, Manuel SL, Chehimi J, Montaner LJ, Jain P.
Unique Cytokine/Chemokine Signatures for HIV-1 and HCV Mono-infection versus Co-infection as Determined by the Luminex® Analyses.
J Clin Cell Immunol. 2011 Jan 7;2(1).

Rathore AP, Paradkar PN, Watanabe S, Tan KH, Sung C, Connolly JE, Low J, Ooi EE, Vasudevan SG. Celgosivir treatment misfolds dengue virus NS1 protein, induces cellular pro-survival genes and protects against lethal challenge mouse model.
Antiviral Res. 2011 Dec;92(3):453-60.

Garcia-Romo GS, Caielli S, Vega B, Connolly J, Allantaz F, Xu Z, Punaro M, Baisch J, Guiducci C, Coffman RL, Barrat FJ, Banchereau J, Pascual V.
Netting neutrophils are major inducers of type I IFN production in pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus.
Sci Transl Med.
2011 Mar 9;3(73):73ra20


Matsui, T., *Connolly, J.E., Michnevitz, M., Chaussabel, D., Tindle, S., Freitas, H., Piqueras, B., Banchereau, J., and Palucka, A.K.
CD2 distinguishes two subsets of human plasmacytoid dendritic cells with distinct phenotype and functions. (2009)
J Immunol Jun. 1;182(11):6815-23.

Gill MA, Long K, Kwon T, Muniz L, Mejias A, Connolly, J., Roy L., Banchereau J., Ramilo O.
Differential recruitment of dendritic cells and monocytes to respiratory mucosal sites in children with influenza virus or respiratory syncytial virus infection. (2008)
J Infect Dis. Dec 1;198(11):1667-76.

DiPucchio, T., Chatterjee, B., Smed-Sorensen, A., Clayton, S., Palazzo, A., Pypaert, M., Mellman, I., Banchereau, J., and Connolly, J.E.
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells directly cross-present viral antigens to MHC class-I in a proteasome-independent fashion. (2008)
Nature Immunology.
May; 9, 551 - 557 (2008).

Jiang, A., Ono, S., Jiang, S., Whitney, J.A., Connolly, J.E., Banchereau, J., and Mellman, I., E-cadherin/B-catenin signaling defines a distinct pathway of dendritic cell maturation (2007)

Touma M, Antonini V, Kumar M, Osborn SL, Bobenchik AM, Keskin DB, Connolly J.E., Grusby MJ, Reinherz EL, Clayton LK
Functional role for IkappaBNS in T cell cytokine regulation as revealed by targeted gene disruption. (2007) J.Immunol. Aug 1;179(3):1681-92

Mejías, A., Chávez-Bueno1, S., Raynor M.B., Connolly, J.E., Kiener, P.A., Jafri1, H.A. and Ramilo, O., (2007) Motavizumab, an enhanced anti-Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) neutralizing monoclonal antibody significantly modifies the local and systemic cytokine responses induced by RSV in the mouse model. (2007)
Virology. Oct 25;4(1):109

Connolly, J.E., Chaussabel, D., Banchereau, J., Dendritic cell and pathogen interactions in the subversion of protective immunity, (2007)
The Biology of Dendritic Cells in HIV Infection.
Gessani S., Belardelli, F., eds. Springer press.

Dhodapkar, K. M., Banerjee, D., Connolly, J.E., Eleyana, M., Bonvini, E., Ravetch, J.V., Steinman, R. M., Dhodapkar, M. (2007)
Induction of type I interferon response genes by selective engagement of activating Fcg receptors in human dendritic cells.
J Exp Med.
2007 May 14

Piqueras B, Connolly J., Freitas H, Palucka AK, Banchereau J. (2006)
Upon viral exposure myeloid and plasmacytoid dendritic cells produce three waves of distinct chemokines to recruit immune effectors.
Blood. 107:2613-2618.

Chang, D.H., Osman, K., Connolly, J., Kukreja, A., Krasovsky, J., Pack, M., Hutchinson, A., Geller, M., Liu, N., Annable, R., Shay, J., Kirchhoff, K., Nishi, N., Ando, Y., Hayashi, K., Hassoun, H., Steinman, R.M., and Dhodapkar, M.V. (2005).
Sustained expansion of NKT cells and antigen-specific T cell after injection of {alpha}-galactosyl-ceramide loaded mature dendritic cells.
J. Exp. Med. 201:1503-17.


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