(Infrastructure, Technology & Translational Division)
  Technology & Translational Units  
  Qingfeng CHEN   Justin CHU  
  Humanized Mouse Unit   Collaborative Translation Unit for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease  
  Boon Tin CHUA/ Darren LIM   Jayantha GUNARATNE  
  IMCB NCC MPI Singapore Oncogenome Program   Quantitative Proteomics Group  
  Weiping HAN   Vladimir KORZH  
  Metabolism in Human Diseases Unit   Zebrafish Translational Unit  
  Thomas LEUNG   Yee Joo TAN  
  Targeting the RhoGTPase effector kinases Unit   Monoclonal Antibody Unit  
  Vinay TERGAONKAR   Haishan WANG  
  Mouse models of human cancer unit   Drug Development Unit  
  Infrastructure Units      
  Frederic BARD   Bioinformatic Support Network  
  RNAi Screening Facility      
  Central Imaging Facility   Soo Yong TAN  
      Histopathology Facility/Advanced Molecular Pathology Lab (AMPL)  


  Alice TAY   Sudipto ROY  
  DNA Sequencing Facility   Zebrafish Facility  
  Sudipto ROY      
  IMB-IMCB Joint Electron Microscopy Suite