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Lim JP, Shyamasundar S, Gunaratne J, Scully OJ, Matsumoto K, Bay BH. (2017)
YBX1 gene silencing inhibits migratory and invasive potential via CORO1C in breast cancer in vitro.
BMC Cancer. 2017 Mar 16;17(1):201. doi: 10.1186/s12885-017-3187-7.

Singaravelu P, Lee WL, Wee S, Ghoshdastider U, Ding K, Gunaratne J, Grimes JM, Swaminathan K, Robinson RC.(2017)
Yersinia Effector Protein YopO mediated Phosphorylation of Host Gelsolin Causes Calcium-Independent Activation leading to Disruption of Actin Dynamics.
J Biol Chem. 2017 Mar 9. pii: jbc.M116.757971. doi: 10.1074

Lee WL, Singaravelu P, Wee S, Xue B, Ang KC, Gunaratne J, Grimes JM, Swaminathan K, Robinson RC. (2017)
Mechanisms of Yersinia YopO kinase substrate specificity.
Sci Rep. 7:39998.

Ward AM, Calvert ME, Read LR, Kang S, Levitt BE, Dimopoulos G, Bradrick SS, Gunaratne J, Garcia-Blanco MA. (2016) 
The Golgi associated ERI3 is a Flavivirus host factor. 
Sci Rep. 6:34379

Diril MK, Bisteau X, Kitagawa M, Caldez MJ, Wee S, Gunaratne J, Lee SH, Kaldis P. (2016)
Loss of the Greatwall Kinase Weakens the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint. 
PLoS Genet. 12(9):e1006310

Dong JM, Tay FP, Swa HL, Gunaratne J, Leung T, Burke B, Manser E. (2016)  
Proximity biotinylation provides insight into the molecular composition of focal adhesions at the nanometer scale. 
Sci Signal. 9(432):rs4

Brichkina A, Nguyen NT, Baskar R, Wee S, Gunaratne J, Robinson RC, Bulavin DV. (2016) 
Proline isomerisation as a novel regulatory mechanism for p38MAPK activation and functions. 
Cell Death Differ. 23:1592-601

Asfa AS, Qiu B, Wee S, Choi H, Gunaratne J*, Tergaonkar V* (2016) * co-corresponding authors
Phosphoprotein network analysis of white adipose tissues unveils deregulated pathways in response to high-fat diet 
Sci Rep. 6:25844

Bararia D, Kwok HS, Welner RS, Numata A, Sárosi MB, Yang H, Wee S, Tschuri S, Ray D, Weigert O, Levantini E, Ebralidze AK, Gunaratne J, Tenen DG (2016)  
Acetylation of C/EBPα inhibits its granulopoietic function
Nat Commun.7:10968

Ho L, Tan SY, Wee S, Wu Y, Tan SJ, Ramakrishna NB, Chng SC, Nama S, Sczerbineska I, Chan W, Avery S, Tsuneyoshi N, Ng HH, Gunaratne J, Dunn NR, Reversade B. 
ELABELA Is an Endogenous Growth Factor that Sustains hESC Self-Renewal via the PI3K/AKT Pathway (2015). 
Cell Stem Cell 17:435-47

Yang BX, El Farran CA, Guo HC, Yu T, Fang HT, Wang HF, Schlesinger S, Seah YF, Goh GY, Neo SP, Li Y, Lorincz MC, Tergaonkar V, Lim TM, Chen L, Gunaratne J, Collins JJ, Goff SP, Daley GQ, Li H, Bard FA, Loh YH. 
Systematic Identification of Factors for Provirus Silencing in Embryonic Stem Cells (2015) 

Lee J, Wee S, Gunaratne J, Chua RJ, Smith RA, Ling L, Fernig DG, Swaminathan K, Nurcombe V, Cool SM. Structural determinants of heparin-transforming growth factor-β1 interactions and their effects on signalling (2015) 
Glycobiology 25:149

Manokaran G, Finol E, Wang C, Gunaratne J, Bahl J, Ong EZ, Tan HC, Sessions OM, Ward AM, Gubler DJ, Harris E, Garcia-Blanco MA, Ooi EE. 
Dengue subgenomic RNA binds TRIM25 to inhibit interferon expression for epidemiological fitness. 
Science. 350:217-21

Kumar P, Nandi S, Tan TZ, Ler SG, Chia KS, Lim WY, Bütow Z, Vordos D, De laTaille A, Al-Haddawi M, Raida M, Beyer B, Ricci E, Colombel M, Chong TW, Chiong E, Soo R, Park MK, Ha HK*, Gunaratne J*, Thiery JP*.(2015)
Highly sensitive and specific novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of transitional bladder carcinoma. 
. 6:13539-49. *co-senior authors

Koh HW, Swa HL, Fermin D, Ler SG, Gunaratne J, Choi H. (2015) 
EBprot: Statistical Analysis of Labeling-based Quantitative Proteomics Data. 
Proteomics 15:2580-91

Tan CL, Teissier S, Gunaratne J, Quek LS, Bellanger S. (2015) 
Stranglehold on the spindle assembly checkpoint: the human papillomavirus E2 protein provokes BUBR1-dependent aneuploidy. 
Cell Cycle.

Chakraborty S, Lakshmanan M, Swa H, Chen J,  Zhang X, Ong YH, Loo LS, Akıncılar S, Gunaratne J, Tergaonkar V, Hui K, Hong W(2015)  
An oncogenic role of Agrin in regulating focal adhesion integrity in Hepatocellular carcinoma. 
Nat Commun. 6:6184

Zhang W, Neo SP, Gunaratne J, Poulsen A, Boping L, Ong EH, Sangthongpitag K, Pendharkar V, Hill J, Cohen SM (2014) 
Feedback regulation on PTEN/AKT pathway by the ER stress kinase PERK mediated by interaction with the Vault complex. 
Cell Signal. 27:436-42

Ng CT, Yung LY, Swa HL, Poh, RW, Gunaratne J*, Bay BH* (2015) 
Altered protein expression profile associated with phenotypic changes in lung fibroblasts co-cultured with gold nanoparticle-treated small airway epithelial cells.
Biomaterials 39:31-8. * co-corresponding author.

Alli Shaik A, Wee S, Li RH, Li Z, Carney TJ, Mathavan S, Gunaratne J (2014) 
Functional Mapping of the Zebrafish Early Embryo Proteome and Transcriptome. 
J Proteome Res. 13:5536-50

Swa HL, Alli Shaik A, Lim, LH., Gunaratne J. (2014) 
Mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics and integrative network analysis accentuates modulating roles of Annexin-1 in mammary tumorigenesis. 
Proteomics 15:408-18

Qiu B, Shi X, Wong ET, Lim J, Bezzi M, Low D, Zhou Q, Akıncılar SC, Lakshmanan M,Swa HL, Tham JM, Gunaratne J, Cheng KK, Hong W, Lam KS, Ikawa M, Guccione E, Xu A ,Han W, Tergaonkar V. (2014) 
NUCKS is a positive transcriptional regulator of insulin signalling 
Cell Rep 7:1876-86

Huang YF, Wee S, Gunaratne J, Lane DP, Bulavin DV 
Isg15 controls p53 stability and functions 
Cell Cycle 13:2200-10

Ward AM, Gunaratne J, Garcia-Blanco MA (2014) 
Identification of dengue RNA binding proteins using RNA chromatography and quantitative mass spectrometry 
Methods Mol Biol:1138:253-70

Lai D, Tan CL, Gunaratne J, Quek LS, Nei W, Thierry F, Bellanger S (2013) 
Localization of HPV-18 E2 at Mitochondrial Membranes Induces ROS Release and Modulates Host Cell Metabolism 
PLoS ONE 8: e75625

Xie Z, Gunaratne J, Cheong LL, Liu SC, Koh TL, Huang G, Blackstock WP, Chng WJ (2013) 
Plasma membrane proteomics identifies biomarkers associated with MMSET overexpression in T(4;14) multiple myeloma 
Oncotarget  4:1008-18

Bard-Chapeau EA, Gunaratne J, Kumar P, Chua BQ, Muller J, Bard FA, Blackstock W, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA (2013) 
EVI1 oncoprotein interacts with a large and complex network of proteins and integrates signals through protein phosphorylation 
PNAS 110:E2885-94

Zhang W, Hietakangas V, Wee S, Lim R, Gunaratne J, Cohen SM,(2013) 
ER stress potentiates insulin resistance through PERK-mediated FOXO phosphorylation 
Genes Dev 27:441-9

Gunaratne J, Schmidt A, Quandt A, Neo SP, Sarac OS, Gracia T, Loguercio S, Ahrne E, Li Hai Xia R, Tan KH, Loessner C, Bahler J, Beyer A, Blackstock W, Aebersold R (2013) 
Extensive Mass Spectrometry-Based Analysis of the Fission Yeast Proteome: The S pombe PeptideAtlas 
Mol Cell Proteomics 12:1741-51

Khong JH, Zhang T, Gunaratne J, Blackstock W, Surana U (2012) 
"Reductional anaphase" in replication-defective cells is caused by ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme Cdc34-mediated deregulation of the spindle 
Cell Cycle11:2896-910

Coffill RC, Muller PA, Oh HK, Neo SP, Hogue KA, Cheok CF, Vousden KH,  Lane DP, Blackstock WP, Gunaratne J (2012) 
Mutant p53 interactome identifies nardilysin as a p53R273H-specific binding partner that promotes invasion 
EMBO Reports 13:638-44

Swa, HL, Blackstock W, Lim L, Gunaratne J (2012) 
Quantitative proteomics profiling of murine mammary gland cells unravels impact of Annexin-1 on DNA damage, cell adhesion and migration 
Mol Cell Proteomics 11:381-93

Lößner C, Wee S, Ler SG, Blackstock W, Gunaratne J (2012) 
Analysis of the zebrafish embryo proteome using a multiple fractionation approach followed by tandem mass spectrometry 

Chuang LSH, Lai LK, Murata-Hori M, Yamada A, Hoi-Yeung Li, Gunaratne J, Ito Y (2012)
RUNX3 interactome reveals novel centrosomal targeting of RUNX family of transcription factors 
Cell Cycle 11:1938-47

Tan CL, Gunaratne J,  Lai D, Carthagena  L, Wang Q, Xue YC, Quek LH, Bachelerie F, Thierry F, Bellanger S (2012) 
HPV-18 E2^E4 chimera: 2 new spliced transcripts and proteins induced by keratinocyte differentiation 

Bard-Chapeau EA, Jeyakani J, Kok C, Muller J, Chua BQ, Gunaratne J, Batagov A, Jenjaroenpun P, Kuznetsov V, Wei C, D'Andrea R, Bourque G, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG (2012)
EVI1 regulates multiple cellular processes important for cancer and is a synergistic partner for FOS in invasive tumors 
PNAS 109: 2168-73

Migliori V, Muller J, Phalke S, Low D, Bezzi M, Mok WC, Sahu KS, Gunaratne J, Capasso P, Bassi C, Cecatiello V, De Marco A, Blackstock W, Kuznetsov V, Amati B, Mapelli M, Guccione E (2012)
Symmetric dimethylation of H3R2 is a newly identified histone mark that supports euchromatin maintenance 
Nat Struct & Mol Biol 19:136-44

Lößner C, Blackstock W, Gunaratne J (2011) 
Enhanced performance of Pulsed Q Collision Induced Dissociation-based peptide identification on a dual-pressure linear ion trap 
J Am Soc Mass Spectrom 23:186-89

Ward AM, Bidet K, Yinglin A, Ler SG, Hogue KA, Blackstock WP, Gunaratne J, Garcia-Blanco M (2011) 
Quantitative Mass Spectrometry of DENV-2 RNA-Interacting Proteins Reveals that the DEAD-box RNA helicase DDX6 Binds the DB1 and DB2 3’ UTR Structures 
RNA Biology 8:1173-86

Gunaratne J, Goh MX,  Swa H L , Lee FY, Sanford E, Wong LM, Hogue K, Blackstock W, Okumura K (2011) 
The protein interactions of PTEN and its cancer-associated G20E mutant compared by SILAC-based parallel affinity purification and mass spectrometry 
J Biol Chem 286:18093-103

Chan SW, Lim CJ, Huang C, Chong YF, Gunaratne HJ, Hogue K, Blackstock W, Harvey KF, Hong W (2010)
WW Domain-mediated Interaction with Wbp2 is Important for Oncogenic Property of TAZ 
Oncogene 30:600-10

Patent application:
Thiery JP, Kumar P, Gunaratne J (2014)
Biomarker discovery in the urine of early stage bladder cancer patients (International patent filed: IMC/P/07991/01/PCT)

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