Advanced Molecular Pathology Laboratory (AMPL) - A GLP Certified Laboratory
  Histopathology Facility/AMPL
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Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology - Core Histopathology Laboratory

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The Advanced Molecular Pathology Laboratory (AMPL) is situated in IMCB at the heart of Biopolis. This world class facility provides a wide range of pathology related resources to the biomedical research community throughout Singapore and the region. AMPL is built upon a well established histopathology laboratory with a reputation for outstanding expertise and knowhow. The platform provides capabilities to support basic research, therapeutic target validation and drug safety evaluation.

We offer:

  • Translational research capabilities:
    • Highly Advanced Histopathology Laboratory
    • GLP certified facility
    • 100% Quality control
    • Collaboration with clinical researchers
    • Platform leadership combines industrial and research pathology experience
  • Multi-centered with strong clinical element
    • Conduit to knowledge, experience and clinical  resources from around Singapore
    • Close ties to RI researchers to access cutting edge translational research capabilities
  • Project management to ensure goals and timelines are met
  • Close links to non-human primate research, increasingly important in validating human therapeutics.

We are available to discuss your project plan and to advise on study design and implementation.