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  Central Imaging Facility (CIF)


Bioimage Acquisition

CIF provides researchers with light microscopes to visualize biological samples and acquire high-quality images. The various systems under CIF are used for different biological applications, such as bright-field imaging, phase contrast imaging, DIC (Normarski) imaging, Fluorescence imaging and Confocal imaging. Training for the use of the various systems and techniques is also provided to users.

CIF provides access to a wide range of microscopes such as:

  • Stereomicroscopes for sample screening;
  • Compound wide-field microscopes for viewing and      imaging of histological sections;
  • Compound wide-field microscopes fully-equipped      for Live-Cell imaging;
  • Confocal laser microscopes for 3D imaging and      FRAP

  • Video Demo

    1. Transparent 3D confocal image rotation of mouse kidney section

    2. Transparent 3D confocal image movie of mouse kidney section