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  Central Imaging Facility (CIF)


Our Team

Members in CIF

Head, Central Imaging Facility
Deputy Director, IMCB
Email: hunziker@imcb.a-star.edu.sg
Phone: 65869599

Walter Hunziker obtained his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich) in Natural Sciences for the cloning of the cDNA of the small intestinal brush border enzyme sucrase-isomaltase. He did postdoctoral work at Yale University where he identified signals that target membrane proteins to the basolateral surface of epithelial cells. He subsequently moved to the Biochemistry Institute of the University of Lausanne as a group leader, continuing to study membrane traffic in epithelial cells and was appointed Assistant Professor. He joined IMCB in January 2000 as an Associate Professor and is now Deputy Director of IMCB.

Melvin SIN
Imaging Facility Manager, Central Imaging Facility
Email: wlsin@imcb.a-star.edu.sg
Phone: 65869733

Melvin obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Western Australia, and his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University. He joined IMCB, initially in the Fish Development Biology Lab specializing in in vivo imaging of live fluorescent transgenic Zebrafish embryos – capturing time-lapse videos of protein transportation, endocytosis events and cell division events in the enveloping layer (EVL) cells; as well as fluorescence 3D confocal imaging of fixed Zebrafish embryos. Subsequently, Melvin moved to the Central Imaging Facility and was put in charge of managing the various microscope systems CIF, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations of the facility, as well as training of researchers in using the various platforms and providing troubleshooting and advice to users in their imaging. Melvin then moved to the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) NTU, where he headed the Advanced Biofilm Imaging Facility, which had various systems suited for different type of imaging but specialized for bacteria and microbial biofilm. During the time in SCELSE, Melvin was exposed to different imaging applications and more imaging modalities such as different Super-Resolution techniques (such as SR-SIM, PALM, dSTORM) as well as Lightsheet-Fluorescence Correlative Spectroscopy (SPIM-FCS), broadening his horizons and expanding his expertise. He is currently back in IMCB as CIF’s Imaging Facility Manger.