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  Central Imaging Facility (CIF)


Bioimage Analysis

We have a wide range of light microscopes such as:

(1) Olympus FV1000 Upright Confocal

(2) Olympus FV1000 Inverted Confocal

(3) Olympus BX-61 Upright wide-field

(4) Zeiss LSM800 Upright Confocal

(5) Zeiss LSM700 Inverted Confocal

(6) Zeiss LSM510 META Upright Confocal

(7) Zeiss Axiovert200M Inverted Live-Cell Imaging

(8) Zeiss AxioImager.Z1 Upright wide-field

(9) Zeiss AxioImager.M2 Upright wide-field