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Z. Cheng#, G.S. Teo#, S. Krueger, T.M. Rock, H.W.L. Koh, H. Choi*, C. Vogel*.
Differential dynamics of the mammalian mRNA and protein expression response to misfolding stress.
Mol. Syst. Biol. In press (2016).

G.S. Teo, S. Kim, Ben Collins, A.C. Gingras, A.I. Nesvizhskii, H. Choi.
mapDIA: a new platform for data normalization and analysis for label-free quantitative proteomics data.
J. Proteomics. 129:108-20 (2015)

H. Koh, H. Swa, D. Fermin, S.G. Ler, J. Gunaratne, H. Choi.
EBprot: differential expression analysis in labeling-based quantitative proteomics experiments.
Proteomics. 15(15):2580-91 (2015)

G.S. Teo, C. Vogel, D. Ghosh, S. Kim, H. Choi.
PECA: a novel statistical tool for deconvoluting time-dependent gene expression regulation.
J. Proteome Res. 13(1):29-37. (2014)

D. Fermin, S. Walmsley, A-.C. Gingras, H. Choi*, A. Nesvizhskii*.
Luciphor: algorithm for phosphorylation site localization with false localization rate estimation using modified target-decoy approach,
Mol. Cell. Proteomics 12: 3409-3419 (2013)

H. Choi, D. Fermin, A. Nesvizhskii, D. Ghosh, Z.S. Qin.
Sparsely correlated hidden Markov models with application to genome-wide location studies.
Bioinformatics 29(5):533-41 (2013)

H. Choi, B. Larsen, Z.-Y. Lin, A. Breitkreutz, D. Mellacheruvu, D.Fermin, Z.S. Qin, M. Tyers, A.-C. Gingras, A. Nesvizhskii.
SAINT: probabilistic scoring of AP-MS data.
Nat. Methods 8:70-73 (2011)


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