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Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Wei Zhang, Selvaratnam Thevapriya, Paul J. Kim, Wei-Ping Yu, H. Shawn Je, Eng King Tan and Li Zeng (2014) 
Amyloid precursor protein regulates neurogenesis by antagonizing miR-574-5p in the developing cerebral cortex.
Nature Communications 5:3330

Yuen-Peng Tan, Shaobing Li, Xiao-Juan Jiang, Wailin Loh, Yik Khon Foo, Chay-Boon Loh, Qiurong Xu, Wai-Hong Yuen, Michael Jones, Jianlin Fu, Byrappa Venkatesh, Wei-Ping Yu  (2010)
Regulation of protocadherin gene expression by multiple neuron-Restrictive silencer elements scattered in the gene cluster.
Nucleic Acids Research 38:6985-4997

Xiao-Juan Jiang, Shaobing Li, Byrappa Venkatesh, Wei-Ping Yu  (2009)
Identification and comparative analysis of the protocadherin cluster in a reptile, the green anole lizard. PLoS ONE  4:e7614 

Wei-Ping Yu*, Viknesawari Rajasegaran, Kenneth Yew, Wai-lin Loh, Boon-Hui Tay, Chris T. Amemiya, Sydney Brenner*, Byrappa Venkatesh*  (2008)
Elephant shark sequence reveals unique insights into the evolutionary history of vertebrate genes: A comparative analysis of the protocadherin cluster.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105:3819-3824 (*Correspondence)

Paramasivam Kathirvel, Wei-Ping Yu, Byrappa Ventatesh, Chui-Chin Lim, Poh-San Lai and Woon-Chee Yee. (2008)
Fugu rubripes and human survival motor neuron genes: structural and functional similarities in comparative genome studies.
Gene  424:108-14

Wei-Ping Yu*, Kenneth Yew, Vikneswari Rajasegaran, Byrappa Venkatesh*. (2007)
Sequencing and comparative analysis of fugu protocadherin clusters reveal diversity of protocadherin genes among teleost.
BMC Evolutionary Biology 7:49 (*Correspondence)

Esther Wong, Wei-Ping Yu, Wai Ho Yap, Byrappa Venkatesh, Tuck Wah Soong.   (2006)
Comparative genomics of the human and Fugu voltage-gated calcium channel a1-subunit gene family reveals greater diversity in Fugu. 
Gene 366:117-127

Wei-Ping Yu, Jeanne M.M. Tan, Katherine C.M. Chew, Tania Oh, Prasanna Kolatkar, Byrappa Venkatesh, Ted M. Dawson, Kah Leong Lim (2005)
The 350-fold compacted Fugu parkin gene is structurally and functionally similar to human Parkin.
Gene 346:97-104

Wei-Ping Yu, Sydney Brenner and Byrappa Venkatesh. (2004)
Nested organization and evolution of vertebrate synapsin and Timp gene families.  
Journal of Neurochemistry 88 (supplement 1):37

Wei-Ping Yu, Sydney Brenner and Byrappa Venkatesh (2003)
Duplication, degeneration and complementation of the nested synapsin-Timp genes in Fugu rubripes
Trends in Genetics 19:180-183

Nigel P. Pringle, Wei-Ping Yu, Marisa Howell, Jennifer S. Colvin, David M. Ornitz and William D. Richardson (2003)
Fgfr3 expression by astrocytes and their precursors: evidence that astrocytes and oligodendrocytes originate in distinct neuroepithelial domains.
Development 130:93-102

Li Zeng, Si Xiaoning, Wei-Ping Yu, Hoa Thi Le, Kwok Peng Ng, Raymond M.H. Teng, Kenneth Ryan, Dennis Z.-M. Wang, Sathivel Ponniah and Catherine J. Pallen  (2003)
PTPa regulates integrin-stimulated FAK autophosphorylation and cytoskeletal rearrangement in cell spreading and migration
Journal of Cell Biology 160:137-146

Wei-Ping Yu, Catherine J. Pallen, Alice Tay, Frank R. Jirik, Sydney Brenner, Y.H. Tan, and Byrappa Venkatesh  (2001)
Conserved synteny between the Fugu and human PTEN locus and the evolutionary conservation of vertebrate PTEN function
Oncogene 20:5554-5561 

Lin Cui, Wei-Ping Yu, Catherine J. Pallen  (1998)
Insulin secretagogues activate the secretory granule receptor-like protein-tyrosine phosphatase IAR
Journal of Biological Chemistry  273:34784-34791

R.S. Schmidli, P.G. Colman, L. Cui, W.-P. Yu, K. Kewming, C. Jankulovski, L.C. Harrison, C.J. Pallen, and H.J. DeAzipurua  (1998)
Antibodies to the protein tyrosine phosphatases IA-2 and IAR are associated with progression to insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM) in first-degree relatives at-risk for IDDM.
Autoimmunity   28:15-23 

Grant Morahan, Dexing Huang, Wei-Ping Yu, Lin Cui, Henry DeAizpurua and Catherine J. Pallen  (1998)
Localization of the genes encoding the type-1 diabetes autoantigens, protein-tyrosine phosphatases IA-2 and IAR.
Mammalian Genome   9:593-594

Andy Calver, Anita Hall, Wei-Ping Yu, Frank Walsh, John Heath, Christer Betsholtz and William D Richardson (1998)
Oligodendrocyte population dynamics and the role of PDGF in vivo.
Neuron  20:869-882 

W.D. Richardson, N.P. Pringle, W.-P. Yu, and A.C. Hall (1997)
Origins of spinal cord oligodendrocytes: possible developmental and evolutionary relationships with motor neurons.
Developmental Neuroscience  19:58-68  

Lin Cui*, Wei-Ping Yu*, Henry J. DeAizpuruz, Robert S. Schmidli and Catherine J. Pallen (1996)
Cloning and characterization of islet cell antigen-related proteiin-tyrosine phosphatase (PTP), a novel receptor-like PTP and autoantigen in Insulin-dependent diabetes.
Journal of Biological Chemistry  271:24817-24823 (*co-first authorship)

Nigel P. Pringle*, Wei-Ping Yu*, Sarah Guthrie, Henk Roelink, Andrew Lumsden, Alan C. Peterson, and William D. Richardson  (1996)
Determination of neuroepithelial cell fate: induction of the oligodendrocyte lineage by ventral midline cells and sonic hedgehog.
Developmental Biology  177:30-42 (*co-first authorship)

Wei-Ping Yu, Ellen J. Collarini, Nigel P. Pringle, and William D. Richardson. (1994)
Embryonic expression of myelin genes: evidence for a focal source of oligodendrocyte precursors in the ventricular zone of the neural tube.
Neuron  12:1353-1362

W.G. Li, Q.S Huang, B. Liu, Z.P. Ni, Q.N. Zhang, S.Y. Yu, Y.J. Zhu, C.Z. Huang, W.-P. Yu and C. Hou (1993)
Prevention of primary liver cancer by supplementation of selenium: the preliminary result of the first six years of study.
Chinese Journal of Cancer 02

S.Y. Yu, BL Mao, P. Xiao, W.-P. Yu, Y.L. Wang, C.Z. Huang, W.Q. Chen and X.Z. Xuan. (1990)
Intervention trial with selenium for the prevention of lung cancer among tin miners in Yunnan, China: A pilot study.
Biological Trace Element Research  24:105-108 

S.Y. Yu, W.G. Li, Y. J. Zhu, W.-P. Yu, C. Hou  (1989)
Chemoprevention trial of human hepatitis with selenium supplementation in China.
Biological Trace Element Research  20:15-22 

Review and Book Chapters

W.D. Richardson, N.P. Pringle, W.-P. Yu, E.J. Collarini and A. Hall. (1995).
Origins and early development of oligodendrocytes.
Glial Cell Development: Basic Principles and Clinical Relevance (Chapter Three). Bios Scientific Publishers

W.-P. Yu and S.Y. Yu.  (1986)
Oncomodulin and tumourgenesis. 
Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics  13(6):12-1

Patents and Commercialization

Catherine J. Pallen, Lin Cui and Wei-Ping Yu.
IAR as a diagnostic reagent for insulin-dependent diabetes
(Patent: Pub No: WO/1997/022694, International Application No: PCT/CA1996/000867).

Wei-Ping Yu and Le-Ann Hwang.
Hybridoma cell lines for production of monoclonal antibodies against the common cytoplasmic domain of protocadherins alpha
(Licensed to Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc. 2009, Product Cat#: sc-130555)

Wei-Ping Yu and Le-Ann Hwang.
Hybridoma cell lines for production of monoclonal antibodies against the common cytoplasmic domain of protocadherins gamma
(Licensed to Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc. 2009, Product Cat#: sc-130556)


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