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Eichhorn, S.W.*, Guo, H.*, McGeary, S.E., Rodriguez-Mias, R.A., Shin, C., Baek, D., Hsu, S.-H., Ghoshal, K., Villén, J., Bartel, D.P. (2014)
mRNA destabilization is the dominant effect of mammalian microRNAs by the time substantial repression ensues.
Mol Cell
*Equal contributions

Guo, J.U., Agarwal, V., Guo, H., Bartel, D.P. (2014)
Expanded identification and characterization of mammalian circular RNAs.
Genome Biol 15:409.

Guo, H., Ingolia, N.T., Weissman, J.S., Bartel, D.P. (2010)
Mammalian microRNAs predominantly act to decrease target mRNA levels.
466: 835-840.

Okamura, K., Chung, W.-J., Ruby, J.G., Guo, H., Bartel, D.P., Lai, E.C. (2008)
The Drosophila hairpin RNA pathway generates endogenous short interfering RNAs.
Nature 453: 803-806.

McCaw, B.J., Chow, S.Y., Wong, E.S., Tan, K.L., Guo, H., Guy, G.R. (2005)
Identification and characterization of mErk5-T, a novel Erk5/Bmk1 splice variant.
345: 183-190.





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