(Discovery Research Division)
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  Animal Models of Development and Disease  
  Developmental Epigenetics & Disease   Imaging Complex Biological Systems  
  Sudipto ROY   Byrappa VENKATESH/ Sydney BRENNER  
  Genes, Development and Disease   Comparative and Medical Genomics  
  miRNA Models of Neurodegenerative Disease   Philip INGHAM (Joint RD) / Tom CARNEY (Joint PI)  
      Developmental and Biomedical Genetics  
  Marius SUDOL (Joint SPI)   Suresh JESUTHASAN (Joint PI)  
  Cancer Signaling & Domainopathies   Neural circuitry and behavior  
  Camilo LIBEDINSKY (Joint PI)   Ajay S MATHURU (Joint PI)  
  Laboratory of Neurotechnology   Mechanisms Underlying Behavior lab  
  Timothy SAUNDERS (Joint PI)    
  Mechanics of Development lab      
  Cancer Genetics and Therapeutics  
  Ernesto GUCCIONE   Philipp KALDIS  
  Methyltransferases in Development and Disease   Cell Division and Cancer Research  
  Regulation of the Cell Division Cycle   NFκB Signaling in Human Ailments  
  Qi ZENG   Cell Cycle Control & Tumorigenesis  
  PRL-3 Phosphatase & Cancer Therapy      
  Karen CRASTA (Joint SPI)   Melissa FULLWOOD (Joint PI)  
  Genomic Instability and Cancer   Cancer Epigenomics Lab  
  Kam Man HUI (Joint RD)   Kanaga SABAPATHY (Joint RD)  
  Human Cancer Genomics and Therapeutics   Lab of Molecular Carcinogenesis  
  Bin Tean TEH (Joint RD)   Jean Paul THIERY (Joint RD)  
  Chromatin Therapeutics   Molecular controls of Morphogenesis & Tumour Progression  
  Cell Biology in Health and Disease  
  Frederic BARD   William F. BURKHOLDER / Stephen QUAKE / Yin Thai CHAN  
  Regulation of Membrane Traffic   Microfluidics Systems Biology  
  John E CONNOLLY   Wanjin HONG  
  Translational Immunology   Protein Trafficking and Cancer Cell Biology  
  Walter HUNZIKER   Jonathan Yuin-Han LOH  
  Epithelial Cell Polarity   Epigenetics and Cell Fates  
  Wee-Wei TEE   George J. AUGUSTINE (Joint RD)  
  Chromatin Dynamics & Disease Epigenetics      
  John CHUA (Joint PI)   Adam CLARIDGE-CHANG (Joint PI)  
  Interactomics and Intracellular trafficking   Translational Neurogenetics  
  Weiping HAN (Joint SPI)   Bruno REVERSADE (Joint RD)  
  Metabolic Medicine   Human Embryology  
  Lei SUN (Joint PI)   Xiaomeng WANG (Joint PI)  
  Adipocytes and energy balance   Vascular Biology Lab  
  Feng XU (Joint PI)      
  Adipocyte Biology and Epigenetics      
  Structural Biology and Drug Discovery  
  Edward MANSER   Robert ROBINSON  
  Small G-protein Signalling and Kinases   Structural Bases of Pathogenicity and Disease  
  Haiwei SONG   Yue WANG  
  Medical Structural Biology   Candida albicans Biology  
  Lianhui ZHANG   Justin CHU (Joint PI)  
  Microbial Quorum Sensing      
  Yonggui GAO (Joint SPI)   Pär NORDLUND (Joint RD)  
  Protein translation and bacterial cellulose biosynthesis    
  Yee Joo TAN (Joint SPI)    
  Junior Investigators  
  Christine CHEUNG   Huili GUO  
  Vascular and Stem Cell Systems   RNA Biology  
  Chengqi LIN   Shi Yan NG  
  Transcriptional Control in Development and Disease   Neurotherapeutics Laboratory  
  Huilin SHAO   Adrian Kee Keong TEO  
  Multiscale Molecular Diagnostics   Stem Cells and Diabetes  
  Molecular Engineering Laboratory (MEL)  
  Sydney BRENNER      
  Nick BARKER   Yin Thai CHAN  
  Albert CHEN   Jianzhu CHEN  
  Wee Joo CHNG   Vincent CHOW  
  Xin-Yuan FU   Yoshiaki ITO  
  Kong Peng LAM   Birgit LANE  
  David LANE   Seng Gee LIM  
  John M. LUK   Colin STEWART  
  Andrew Nguan Soon TAN   Han Chong TOH