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  27 June 2017  
  IMCB Alumni at NNI – Chapter 6  

Eyleen GOH

Senior Research Scientist, NNI

Eyleen GOH
Senior Research Scientist, NNI / Asst Professor, Neuroscience Academic Clinical Programme,
Duke-NUS Medical School At IMCB - Intern (summer 1992), Lab Technologist (1992-1993),
Junior Research Fellow /PhD (1996-2003)

Asst Prof Eyleen Goh is a senior research scientist in NNI and also an Asst Prof in the Neuroscience Academic Clinical Programme at Duke-NUS Medical School. Her current research mainly focuses on understanding how our brain develops and functions during normal development and in neurodevelopmental disease state, using human cells and animal models. These research works serve to understand the fundamentals of brain development and also to identify potential targets for therapeutic interventions.

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My first exposure to IMCB was during the summer of 1992, as an intern in Prof William Chia's lab. I subsequently went back to IMCB to work as a lab technologist in Prof Chia's lab and then as a PhD student in Prof Peter Lobie's Lab. The brilliant scientists and vibrant cosmopolitan and scientific environment in IMCB made this institute an amazing and captivating place to be, that managed to lure me back again and again. IMCB was basically the first research institute that I have ever seen and worked in, and it was the institute that opened up my horizons. Those initial stints in IMCB played a major role in my decision to embark on a scientific career. I was like a duckling opening its eyes and IMCB was the first thing that I saw, and IMCB was and still is the respectable "mother" that I (the duckling) look up to. I may be just one of the IMCB "ducklings" whom few people remembers, but I am always proud to be once part of this prestigious organization. It really brings back a sense of nostalgia having many of my ex-comrades from IMCB now as colleagues in NNI. Notably, many of us at NNI who were previously from IMCB are Singaporeans, indicating IMCB's contributions in training and inspiring many local scientists like me.

Current lab at NNI.

Previous lab at IMCB.

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