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  17 May 2017  
  IMCB Alumni at NNI – Chapter 1  

Kah-Leong LIM

Deputy Director of Research at the National Neuroscience Institute

Inside story:

Kah-Leong LIM
Deputy Director of Research at the National Neuroscience Institute
At IMCB - Junior Research Fellow 1993-1999;
Research Fellow 1999-2000

IMCB alumni who are now PIs at NNI.

Kah-Leong Lim did his Ph.D. study with Professor Catherine Pallen and graduated from IMCB in 1999. He remains grateful to the institute for the opportunities that he has received and continues to enjoy being an IMCB alumnus. Looking back, Prof. Lim remarked, "Undoubtedly, IMCB is the pioneer research institute in Singapore that helped propelled the country into the global biomedical research prominence. When I went for my job interview at Harvard, Johns Hopkins and NIH, all my potential supervisors knew about the excellent work that came out from IMCB. The premier status of IMCB definitely facilitated our chances of getting a postdoctoral position in top overseas laboratories." He added, "IMCB now has a vast network of alumni occupying key positions in various sectors of Research, Innovation and Enterprise. This has created enormous opportunities for IMCBians like me to tap on. I believe most, if not all, would acknowledge the immense contributions by IMCB to this country in terms of biomedical research and training. This, to me, is an invariant "progeniting" point in our scientific history amidst the kaleidoscope of transformations that accompany our scientific evolutionary process. As a Singaporean, I am thankful for this and am absolutely proud to be associated with IMCB."

Prof Lim currently serves as the Deputy Director of Research at the National Neuroscience Institute and holds joint appointments at the National University of Singapore and Duke-NUSMedicalSchool. He is also a visiting professor at Nanjing Tech University, China. His research focuses on unraveling the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases, with the view to develop novel therapies aimed at effectively treating the disease.

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